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About Archampion

Hey Good Day to you! My name is Archampion. Arch for short. And welcome to my nonsense (aka website/blog).

I’m from a sunny island set in the sea. You probably know it from Pirates of the Caribbean. Yes, it is 365 all days sunny. Well of course, there is other “season” which is rain and rains occasionally. Big rain, small rain and fucking loud thunder.

So me, Archampion, has been around, but not very active, on the internet for over a decade. I’m not a very active blogger to blog about stuff because most of the time I do not know what to write. I will try to continue to write and try to write something interesting. 🙂

How was Archampion created?

Well, the story began about 13, 14 years ago, the very first time I played Warcraft 3 in a gaming LAN shop with my friends. Before game starts, need to have a nickname to play the game so I thought of Arch Angel at first. Arch Angel is a character from Heroes of Might and Magic III, Heroes 3 in short, and back then it was one of my favorite PC game. But then Arch Angel is not a very unique nickname, I personally like to be everything unique, so I stared at the words for a while and then focus on the word “Arch”. The next thing came straight to my mind was the word “champion” because there’s “ch” in the word “Arch”. And so I combined the words “Arch” and “champion” into 1 word. That’s how Archampion created.

Archampion started went online when I was about 18, 19 years old.

I even created the meaning of Archampion and how it should pronounce. It is pronounce as 2 words.

Archampion [ahrch cham-pee-uh n]
– Champion of the Champions

Yup, Archampion means Champion of the Champions. It’s like something that everyone always want to achieve to be the top. I must say it is not easy. But hey, let’s aim high and go for it.

I thought of a tagline too but I think is kinda…. weird? 🤔

Tagline goes like this, Be a champion, Be Archampion.

I also created my own logo which you see at the top. The logo has been through few changes over the years. This logo now is the latest official Archampion logo. The idea of the logo came from Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic the Hedgehog or Sonic 1 was the very first video game I ever played on a Sega 16-bit console. Till today I am still playing. Now playing Sonic 4. If you have played the game, you should be able to see a similarity. The wings and the style of it are similar to the Sonic logo. In between the wings is a letter “a” in small cap. That is the first letter of Archampion.

This is how champion of the champions logo should looks like. With wings to soar as high as possible.

So yeah, this is about me, Archampion the champion of the champions. 😀