Archampion New Beginning

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Hey Good Day Everyone! Arch here.

As you can see that I have my site revamped and also changed to a new hosting. Most of the contents have been taken down and I am restoring them up again. However, I don’t think I will restore all of them. Some of the contents I wrote before are kind of emotional and crap. I need to review again and to see which one should I restore.

Right now I have many things going through my mind and I know what I want to do in my next step. One of it is that I will be recording YouTube video of gameplay. This is what YouTuber call it, Let’s Play. Reason of doing Let’s Play video is because I got inspired by other YouTubers who are doing gaming YouTube Videos, and another reason is because I myself also love playing video games especially PC video games. I maybe not very hardcore in gaming but I really love gaming. When a game is so exciting, fun and damn good to play, I could play for hours and hours nonstop.

Recently I just bought Grand Theft Auto IV and I completed the single player mode within a week. Yup, within a week. GTA IV is too good. I like it how it evolved from the past GTA series such GTA III, Vice City, etc. Gameplay is so much better. I know there’s already GTA V. I have seen videos of GTA V and I must say DAMN. You could actually switch characters to proceed the missions. Well, Steam summer sales is here and I definitely will get GTA V. There are other games I want to get on Steam but this would cost me about $100 SGD.

I also may be getting some gadgets or stuff so I can do better recording. For my very first YouTube video, I will start off with Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1. Till today I still love to play Sonic games. Love it. After Sonic 4, I will proceed to other games such as Undertale, Life is Strange, The Walking Dead, GTA V, etc. I will do at least 1 video a day. So by the 4th month, I should have over 100 videos. Let’s make this work. Well, of course hopefully to gain subscribers on YouTube.

After watching so many videos on YouTube and videos about YouTube, I have learned quite a lot of things. One of it is about copyright issue and some new YouTube TOS and guidelines. However, YouTube making its own system too automated that many great creators got into trouble for no reason. Hopefully YouTube will change or improve or start having human to actually monitor everything so as to protect creators. I’m still looking out about the progress of fair use and copyright so I can stay inside the loop.

Dear YouTube, lets #MakeYouTubeGreatAgain !

Beside doing YouTube video, I will be doing freelance. Hopefully I could gain some revenue over the months and start doing something great to my family. No one’s path is ever easy to walk. There’s no such thing as “straight” path. Obstacles definitely be in the way. But hey, who am I?

I am Archampion, Champion of the Champions.

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