My Grandmother – Chapter 1

Today I want to share my story of my grandmother. Reason why I want to share this is because I hope my friends, people who know me, get to know me more and why I love my grandmother so much and why most of the time I would rather stay at home accompany my grandmother than going out with friends.

My GrandmotherLet me introduce my grandmother. As you can see the photo on the left is my grandmother. This photo was taken on her birthday. In fact, it was her last birthday. She has passed away on July 11th 2013.

I don’t call her like how other people would call like Ah Ma, granny or gramps. I call her Nei Nei. My family is a Hakka family and my grandmother was from China. So Nei Nei is a dialect of calling grandmother. My grandmother speaks Hakka.

Throughout my entire life I have not meet any family calling their grandmother, Nei Nei. Guess my family is the only unique one.

You might wonder where’s my grandfather. I have never see my grandfather before. My grandmother told me that my grandfather passed away when my father, the youngest, was just born. What happened actually, I don’t really know. Need to ask my Aunt.

I think my grandmother was quite fortunate as she had 4 children. Too bad, my 2nd Aunt passed away when I was still in primary school. And I can still remember how sad was my grandmother when she knew the news of my Aunt. My 2nd Aunt was just like my 2nd mother who took care of my since I was very little.

My grandmother used to own a provision shop. Selling lots of stuff such as towels, clothes, bags, etc. Every single morning, she never fails to open her shop for business. She did not even have any holiday at all. I can still remember so clearly how is her shop looks like, how I would help her to tend the shop with my brothers and cousins, how she did her business, how she entertained the customers. Back then, most of the times, she was alone tending her shop because most of family need to work, kids including me need to go to school. And I felt very sad and guilty about this.

My grandmother took very good care of her grandchildren, me, my brothers and cousins. I am her eldest grandchild. Not sure is it because of me being the eldest, she tends to concern for me the most.

I’m not sure if my grandmother had taken any of my brothers or cousins to clinic before but she did bring me to see doctor when I was sick back then. I remember that night I was staying at my cousin’s house which my grandmother stayed at, I was coughing very hard and even vomited on the bed. My grandmother is the only one who tried to stop my coughing and cleared up the vomit. The next day, before going to the shop, she brought me to a clinic where I was diagnosed that I almost got asthma and I was breathing from a tube-like thing which the medicine is for asthma. That is the first time she brought me to see doctor.

My grandmother used to tell us, the grandchildren, her old times story where she and her children caught by police and was detained for few nights. I can never imagine how was the life back then. She had this one sentence or phrase that she would always complained about.

Grandma is working so hard and tiring. Who knows?
Nobody know at all.

Every time I hear this from her, I felt so sad deep down and don’t know what to do, don’t know what to reply. I don’t know if she said this to my father, my Uncle or my Aunt. But she said this to her grandchildren.

My grandmother is a wonderful woman who cares for her family so much. So much that she would exchange her life for the family. In my entire life, I never have such a great and wonderful grandmother like she is.

How I wish I could travel back in time and hug her and don’t let her go.

That’s all for today’s chapter. I’ll continue the next one.

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