My Grandmother – Chapter 2

A few days ago, in the middle of the night, a moth suddenly appeared beside me on the sofa in the living room while I was watching TV. Strangely it just stays there facing me for a couple of minutes. I looked at it and it seems looking back at me. After that, it went into my room. And after about 5 minutes, it came out and landed on the altar in living room.

My GrandmotherThere’s a Chinese old legend that if someone in your family who has passed away may incarnate into a moth and will return home to visit. Somehow I would believe that probably is my grandmother who incarnated into that moth and had come back to see us. I think my grandmother is really missing us a lot too.

My grandmother. Indeed, a great and wonderful grandmother.

Previously, I talked about my grandmother had a shop and doing business on her own. Well, after many years, my grandmother had the decision to close down the shop. Probably because my cousin’s family going to move house which was my grandmother’s, apparently. And because of that, she moved to my house to stay. After sometime, her shop was closed.

After her shop had closed down, there were still some towels and clothing left. And there’s one day that I remembered seeing her carrying big bags which contained those towels and clothing, at my house downstairs, seating on the chair, asking passer-by if they want to buy anything from her. Back then I didn’t know what to do, didn’t know how to help her. Looking at the scene made my heart cries. My family was quite financially down at that time and I think my grandmother was worried about money. Surprisingly there are kind people who actually bought some from my grandmother. After few days, my grandmother stopped selling and spent most her days at home or going downstairs at the elderly corner mixing with other old folks. How I wish I can help her but I couldn’t as I was studying in secondary school at that time.

Everyday my grandmother would wake us, the kids, up so that we could go to school on time. Even until before her health went down, she would still do that, just to wake us up either my brothers going back to camp or me going to work. I think my younger brother and I took too much advantage of our grandmother to always wake us up every morning. Because of that, I told her that I could wake up on my own but still she would wake us up even we never asked for. This is how good my grandmother was.

On the day of my enlistment for national service, my family including my grandmother were escorting me to my enlistment. Boarded in a ship together and sailed over to the next island. Among the brothers, only I got the privilege having my grandmother seeing me being enlisted. I really thankful to her.

Days passed and my grandmother getting older and older. She had problem walking due to her legs. She was not walking normally as she was used to. Still every morning she would wake up, did her chanting routine and praying. Only when going out, she would use the wheelchair. Every day after work and every weekends, I would always casual talk to her and sometimes argue with her. My brothers and my parents hardly casual talk to her. I was the one who talked to her the most and sometimes our conversation was kind of interesting and funny. She would always complain about things to me. With all those talking actually brought our relationship even closer, which I felt.

There are quite a number of days, in the middle of the night, not sure how my grandmother slipped off from her bed and most of the time I’m the only would wake up from sleep and tried to lift her up to bed as she couldn’t get up herself. Sometimes I would get my brother to help.

If you are reading this now, I want to tell you this. If you have old folks, your grandfather or grandmother, learn how to appreciate them, treasure them, cherish them. There’s a Chinese saying ” 家 (jia) 有 (you) 一 (yi) 老 (lao), 如 (ru) 有 (you)  一 (yi) 宝 (bao)”. It means having an elderly is like owning a treasure in the house. Don’t start to regret of not having the chance to interact with your grandparents when they are gone because you can’t rewind the past.

Alright, I shall continue in another chapter. That’s all.

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