Shining Force EXA Let’s Play

Shining Force EXA, another favorite game of mine. Shining Force EXA has a different gameplay compared to the old Shining Force series like Shining Force 1 and 2. In Shining Force 1 and 2, Shining Force is about warriors and heroes together fighting the evil of darkness to save the world. But in Shining Force EXA, Shining Force is referring to a sword or holy sword named Shining Force.

I have played this game few years ago but not complete yet. So I’m playing again and this time I will complete the game. I kinda like the gameplay because I only have to control 1 character, either Toma or Cyrille. I don’t quite remember how is the story goes. I remembered there’s another holy sword and the heritor is Cyrille. Cyrille fighting style is using more magic whereas Toma is a warrior type. I always preferred a warrior type because attack is more powerful but there are advantages using Cyrille too. As Cyrille becomes stronger, her magic is awesome.

Do check out the video. This is my 2nd let’s play video. Hope you guys enjoy it. More videos are coming up.

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